The Werewolf’s Guide to Fine Dining

You’re not one of us.

We may share blood in common, you may even be able to shift your skin like us, but you don’t have our city in you.

But if you want to risk it, come on down. Dine at these places. Try it out. Be nice to the wait staff, to the guy in the corner with the pitcher, to the dudes across from you.

Worst case, you have a nice meal. Best case, you’ll find us, or we’ll find you.

In this city, there aren’t many angels. But where the angels fear to tread, wolves may reign. Especially ones that can also wear the skins of men.

This is their city. You won’t hear its singing no matter how many movies or TV shows you’ve watched. No matter how many articles you’ve read, you won’t get a feel for this place until you’ve lived here as one of them.

And that might result with you getting your ass kicked and shoved on a bus back home. Or killed. Or worse. You ready to risk it? Go for it. Because we’re not going to guarantee your safety or your welcome, no matter what you think you deserve.

They’ve earned the right to live here. They shed blood for it, and renew that vow every day.

And if you impress them, they’ll take you to the really interesting places.

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