The Sunset Call

In every fairy tale, there is a cost.

Every story serves as a warning.

Listen to your elders, beware of the shadows, don’t ask your mother why she takes your teeth.

The Kindly Ones, the Fair Folk, The Gentle People. They are still out there.

When the sunset calls.

Monsters locked up in caves, a door that never should have been opened, a celebration that brings in unexpected guests. Pray hard, that the secrets you have concealed in the past are buried deep enough that nothing can find them. Even today. Even in the cold and logical now.

The Sunset Call is a collection of stories that trods down familiar old paths while giving them a modern spin. A troll in the basement, family fortunes gone awry, an ancestor’s madness coming to call. Each ready to be plucked and enjoyed in the evening hours, for your ghastly delight.

Genre: fairy tale, horror, urban fantasy

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Released by Impassion Press at the Winter Solstice, 2019
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