Pillow Talk

A science experiment has dire–or is it desired?–consequences for the newly paired Gomez Addams and Morticia Frump in the early years of their time at Nevermore Academy. Not enough time was really spent on the Mad Science part of what had to be an insane education. I figured I might not do it justice, so, instead, here’s its aftermath.

From “Full of Woe” (fanfic) Chapter 13/17

Gomez collapses to the side of the bed, exhausted, and almost falls off it, forgetting it’s supposed to be a single. A delicate-looking hand seizes him with surprising strength, giving him time to regain his balance.

“We don’t need another accident today,” Morticia says.

“Yes. Fair, my sweet.” Gomez nods. “That was… exhaustive.”

“Nothing energizes more than success.”

“Success. Yes…” Gomez frowns. “I still feel guilty about that.”

Morticia rolls over on her side, gazing at her partner. “It was a school assignment.”

“I know.”

“They volunteered.”

“I know. But I just can’t get it out of my mind. He’s been in the family for years. Since before I was born.”

“I understand.”

“And not just him. Lady Fingers. Esmerelda.Gomez rolls over to face Morticia. “Cara mia, there’s a potrait of a pair of hands that I always assumed were his parents. And now to find out… they’re all the same hand? Hands…? All of them?”

Morticia lay a hand on Gomez ’ face. “I know. I understand. Time travel. Dimensional rips. Things man was not meant to know. Who can tell the whys and the wherefores that cause our future?” She gazes at the ceiling. “Or past… or now…” She turns back to him. “Who can tell?”

“But they’ll be all right?”

“We already now the answer to that, darling. Not only all right but a happy thing by any measure. And so we should we as well. Straight ‘A’s for the assignment.”

Gomez sighs, tries to shift, almost falls off the bed again but this time stops himself. “I suppose we should be grateful. And you did warn me being your lab partner would be… unique. I just assumed you were referring to this…” He waves at both of them being in bed. “—as opposed to that. ”

Morticia draws sharp nails down his shoulder as a retort. “And how would you know about this? ”

“I might have peeped in on your third period English Literature study group.”

“And how did you find it?”

Gomez smiles. “Inspirational. I had no idea he… she… they were a shapeshifter.”

“I’d be happy to introduce you.” Morticia snuggles up to him. “I’m just grateful to have ended the confusion.”

Gomez arches an eyebrow at her, questioning.

“You said you had one thing in your household and I knew my Aunt had a thing in her household. Which begged the question, how many things were out there?”

“All of them.” Gomez answers. “Everywhere.”

Morticia nods. “Yes. And now we know this thing started here. With us. I was worried that it meant something deeper. A destiny. An omen of the future. A dire portent. Now, it can just end with this. Right here. Right now.”

Gomez looks pained. “Does it have to?”

Morticia strokes his side. “No, of course it doesn’t. But now we no longer have this thing hanging over our head. The Damocles sword of the ever-present, ever-pressing future. From now on, it’s just us. Our decisions.”

“Our swords.”

Morticia smiles. “Oh yes. No thing will be keeping us apart. Or together.”

“Just our choice, for better or for worse?”

“Born in blood and science and heavenly fire. Oh yes.” Morticia caresses Gomez’ cheek. “That would be very nice indeed.”

I had this vivid dream about Gomez and Morticia discussing how Thing might be vital to their future, but then… um… I forgot it. But, curious, I went and did a little research and, well… the above is what resulted. A reader questioned as to the nature of the experiment and it’s subject and I admitted (a) it was mad science and who knows what it was really suppose to test, along with (b) well… the test subject could be Thing… or it could be a fellow student. The second option seems slightly more likely. Enjoy. (side note on first line: yes, I meant ‘exhaustive’ which means they went through everything as opposed to exhausting, which it also is)

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