First Date

I unabashedly love Enid, Ajax, and Lucas and nothing anyone can say can convince me that they don’t belong together. Bianca’s amazing in her own right, but hers is a different path. This takes place in the brief time between the events of the Rave’N, Lucas doing community service and meeting Enid (not Bianca) for coffee, and the untimely death of Lucas’ father.

FROM: “Full of Woe” (fanfic) Chapter 9/17

Enid is antsily waiting near a back wall of Nevermore, shifting from foot to foot. Lucas comes out of the forest, carrying a fairly hefty duffelbag. She claps and then puts her hands behind her back. “You came!”

Lucas looks a bit sheepish. “Well… yeah. Least I could do after…” He clears his throat. “Okay, yeah, so I’ve got my laptop and my dad’s projector.”

“And you chose a movie?”

“Oh yeah.” Lucas grins, excited. “It’s got Michelle Yeoh in it. From Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon? And the fight choreographer from 2000 X-Men and The One.”

Enid nods in approval.

Lucas looks at the sheer wall in front of him. “Um. So how are we getting in?”

Enid turns and slides her hand over a spot. Suddenly, the wall clicks back and slides away, revealing a passage.

Lucas shrugs. “Of course Nevermore ’s got secret passages.”

He follows Enid inside.

Lucas and Enid enter her room. Ajax is there, hanging a sheet on a wall. Lucas is a little taken aback. “Oh… hey.”

“Hey.” Ajax nods. “S’up.” He notes Lucas’ distress. “No hard feelings. About. You know.”

Lucas looks to Enid. She still seems chipper. And Ajax seems chill. He shuffles his feet. “No. Not really, man. It’s all good.” Ajax doesn’t respond. Lucas drops the duffelbag. “Let me get this set up.”

The movie is wrapping up.

Amidst the debris of snacks, all three are just in awe. Enid is sitting between the two boys.

“That was… so good.” Lucas says.

“That was… everything.” Ajax just looks like he’s been smacked.

Enid is vibrating with happiness. “That was…” and she abruptly rawrs and jumps Lucas, kissing him fiercely.

Ajax looks startled “Oh… oh. Guess that’s happening.” He starts to move to leave, to give Lucas and Enid space.

When suddenly someone grabs his arm.

Lucas. Looking up at Ajax. “Don’t…” Lucas clears his throat, nervous. He disentangles himself from Enid without letting go of Ajax. She’s watching intently. “Don’t go.”

Ajax squats back down, looking at Lucas. Lucas seems uncertain as hell what to do next, just focusing on where he ’s grabbed Ajax, letting his hand gently stroke Ajax’s skin. Ajax responds with a gentle smile, tilts Lucas attention back up, and when Lucas meets his gaze, Ajax kisses him.

Lucas brings his hand up to the back of Ajax ’s neck and pulls Ajax in. His hand accidentally brushes up against the beanie, pulling it back.

Ajax stops him. “Hey… be careful there.” He smiles again. “Don’t want to get cursed, do you?”

Lucas looks down, embarrassed. “I… don’t mind if I get cursed.”

Ajax ’s smile widens into a grin. “Oh yeah? How hard do you want to get?”

Lucas snorts, starts to laugh.

Enid is all smiles. “Enough of that!” And she tackles both of them.

The credits roll over laughter, tickling and giggles.

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