Reclaiming California’s History

I might have a few ideas on how to lift things up from the way they are now:

Regarding the native population, recognizing their sovereignty, the fact that CA has leaned into some unequal power dynamics, and is now open to re-negotiating their relationship with federal and state recognized tribes:

  • Access to all state owned parks for tribes who live in the area.
  • Priority hiring + a commensurate budget for working for state and federal parklands.
  • Priority hiring as regulators for the oil industry or other climate related regulatory agencies.
  • A gift of land for each distinct tribe as a land-back start.
  • Acknowledgment of “Acknowledge Rent” programs during NA Heritage month.
  • Additionally, emphasis on energy creation and communication.

For the incredibly racist history of CA, regarding minorities other than those created through the native American genocide:

  • Creating Black Silicon Valley in L.A. with the stated goal of imbuing the sector with wealth equivalent to Tulsa in its heyday as “Black Wall Street”), using the micro-manufacturing infrastructure already in the San Fernando Valley to spur innovation.
  • Minority priority hiring in law enforcement, with a specific bent towards de-arming the police force, restorative justice, and social assistance. Rather than the punitive measures that have been used to oppress minorities starting in the past until now.
  • Priority hiring for people of hispanic origin in regulatory administration re: agriculture and immigration.
  • Open a dialogue between these agencies of the Mexico-American agriculture pipeline.

For the purposes of census, create different categorizations, using the 7-Generation rule. Define ancestry by where the matrilineal lineage lived seven generations before 1492. These categories would include: Western European, Eastern European. East Asian and West Asian. North American, Southern American, North African, South African, Pacific.

For the purposes of gender, add a checkbox for CHILDBEARING, in addition to male or female, used on medical documentation and for census, preventing discrimination in treatments. Also, male/female is used for funding determinations and does NOT have to match assigned sex at birth.

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