A Dream of One

Odd dream. A companion and I infiltrated a very high-level conference of people dealing with the massive disasters. The kind that were threatening the inhabitants of the planet. And it quickly became apparent that they were desperate and running out of ideas.

I managed to corner one of them. I asked them why they were having issues. They took me to the place where they collect and collate all the date and it readily became clear. There was only one safe travel route left around one of the poles. The population centers were rapidly emptying out. I remember that my comment was “My god. You’ve lost the planet.”

They sadly agreed. Even proposed that maybe the planet was sentient (who knows?). And then went back to work they knew was doomed to fail. I stumbled off into the hall with my companion, shocked. Just as I was passing the hall where this whole thing had started, this thought came into my mind.

“They’re spending all of their time either fighting or defending. What they should really be thinking about is: how do you make love to a planet that already feels (rightfully) defensive about -you-?”

So I told them.

They never, ever, ever, conceived of thinking in such a way.

Hope it helped.

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