Can’t Avocado Toast Your Way Out

Long. Rant. Incoming:

I have a number of friends in the BIPOC community and I follow their feeds. I have an equal amount of folks that I follow in edge communities: like ecovillages or environmentally friendly growing or ardent leftists. Given that and the fact that some obscenely wealthy folks raised me–which gives me insight into how the Rich Folks(tm) think–I’d like to believe I’ve got a decent handle of what is going on.

Which means I react when I see Post 1007 (out of 10,000+) on “Golly Gee, if just those KIDS knew how to save…”

People have no. goddamned. clue. Apparently.

I mean, look: another version of “If you young’uns just stopped buying your avocado toast and lattes, you’d be MILLIONAIRES!”

None of that matters in a predatory system.

None of it.

I’m not the only one who has noticed that more and more things are costing us money. How do you sew clothes when the materials they were made from are designed to fall apart? How do you cook when common ingredients are getting more expensive and/or long-covid and/or long hours at work takes out the cooks? Sure, you can change a tire, but with what? The cheap tire that blows out? IT things? What about when your subscription software can’t get paid? Or any of a number of media sites introduce a glitch that bricks your computer?

Teaching a kid to save and not use credit tanks their credit score – so they can’t even dream of getting into a rental.

Sure, we could eat gruel in our broken-down cars and pat ourself on the back on how virtuous we are. Or we could work together to find a way to monkeywrench this insanity before it kills us–which it is overtly doing right now.

I know some people’s defense to this is “I guess the world just sucks.”

Other folks honestly think “bringing back a strong middle class/being independent” is what fixes this.

The World. Does. Not. Suck.

I’m exhausted from “Just System Better! System will provide if System!” It doesn’t work. It won’t work. And advice to support System is delusional.

Dear lords. I can’t even.

The founders of the United States set up the nation to repudiate the right of hereditary kings, not to bring freedom to everyone. Do you honestly think the exclusion of women and POC and indigenous tribes was just a “whoopsy”? I guarantee you that the people of the time didn’t. They understood that if you want to be like a king, even temporarily, you need to do that on the backs of others.

The capitalist system was and is born on the premise of concentrations of wealth from the many to the few. The Second Gilded Age–which we are in–is not a design flaw; it’s intentional and written into the system. The “strong middle class” was a gaffe that occurred because a couple of world wars hurt our competition and our physical resources weren’t exhausted at the time and certainly weren’t as ground up and spit out like they are right now.

Why the hell do I have to explain -textual- things to people? This isn’t secret lore. It’s waved in your faces like a nonconsensual dick-slap.

There is a fantasy of Hipster Finance, where your Cool Individual Decisions will make you pull yourself up by your bootstraps and Horatio Alger yourself into a Comfortable Lifestyle(tm).

COVID exposes that lie. Don’t you remember? The entire system laid bare. Can’t you see?

Dream. Fucking. Bigger. People.


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