Guess I Should “Congratulate” Them

I’ve been watching some summaries (and quotes) from the RNC debates and realized, as an anarchist and a human being who cares about other human beings, I haven’t taken the time to congratulate the RNC on their current accomplishments. So, here goes! They have successfully, in a number of their states:

  • rescinded the First Amendment (allowing Christian restrictions of service, silencing elected representatives, silencing and/or raiding the press and assembled constituents, gerrymandering),
  • rescinded the Second Amendment: removing gun laws that would lead to a well-ordered militia,
  • rescinded the Eigth Amendment: all laws rejecting bodily autonomy,
  • rescinded the 9th Amendment: rejecting clear constituent calls for different laws than policy, and
  • rescinded the 13th Amendment: forcing people to carry to term.

They have also legalized pedophilia (checking the genitals of kids and comparing those genitals to birth records), post-birth abortions (rampant school shootings due expressly to their rescinding of gun laws), and religious / political terrorism.

Based on the debates, their overt, stated goals are now: establish a religious theocracy and rescind the 10th Amendment (where laws not established through the Constitution remain with the people).

So, thank you RNC for creating and legalizing the hellscape you always accuse the DNC of.

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