Russia and Their American Allies

So you can keep up:

Russia now has a comprehensive ban against trans- folks, including taking away adopted kids and nullifying marriages.

The Republicans are loudly applauding this move and wondering how soon they can get this implemented here.

In the wake of that, Italy is nullifying lesbian adoptions and marriages.

This idea is being supported by transphobes because “it’s more important to embrace biological truths, even if there’s a cost” despite the face a significant part of their movement is composed of gay folks who are horrified at this progression.

So, if for some reason you don’t understand history or have been living under a rock for years (or you’ve got one of “those” kind of uncles that embarrasses the whole family with their racist misogynistic rants), TAKING AWAY RIGHTS DOES NOT STOP. It will never been confined to “that group you don’t like”. It will always expand to “Oh sh-t! I didn’t think they’d take X away from this group I like / oh no… I think I’m in the next group.”


It’s not about biological truths or maintaining traditional whatever. It’s about exerting power over you and forcing you to live in fear.


Get on board and fight these fascist f–ks with all of your might because guaranteed, you are likely to be next.

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