Business is Not Your Friend

So, business folks, correct me if I’m wrong.

If you want to expand a business, at some point you must go public and have a stock offering. Otherwise, your business will be limited by its profit and credit rating and can easily be overtaken by a public company that would like to compete with you.

You make your company public. Now you have access to (potentially) far vaster funds for your venture. HOWEVER, now you are locked into a cycle. In order to keep this access, you have to show shareholders that you are maximizing your profits so you can pay them dividends. And, additionally, you need to expand your market share. So those dividends increase which attracts more shareholders either matching or exceeding natural shareholder fickleness.

This locks you into the model of traumatic eternal growth in a finite world. Traumatic because you know if you fuck up, the fall can be long, hard, and devestating. And it might not even be over something big. Like… maybe there’s a worldwide plague or some bozo blocks the Suez canal).

This model -cannot- sustain itself. It can’t. It’s literally physical impossible and lends itself to delusional thinking (like crypto). And the creation of bubbles that, when they pop, create devestating real-world consequences.

This type of game — profit over all — is what the WGA and SAG-AFTRA are fighting against. And I’m not sure how it’s all going to play out. People used to love throwing money at movies because if the movie got made, it generally made them look good. But now, it’s shareholders and corporations all the way down, with the vision that cancerous growth is the only way to go, even if that means AI for every department, overseen by free interns trying to break into the business.

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