Looking Under the Hood (Constitutional Edition)

A brief analysis of America.

You have to peer under the hood for this one.

America’s premise is that, despite what Christianity says, nobody is special. And you don’t get kudos because Christianity confirms the divine rights of kings and your dad ruled to kingdom.

In America, everyone can have the chance to be a king.

The first ten amendments solidify this, stripping away the tools a 4-year king could use to keep possession of a country:

  • Amendment 1: You can’t have a government-sponsored religion say you’re the top dog; you can’t stop people from saying you’re an a–hole; and if the people en masse decide to gather together to challenge you, you can’t do the kingly thing and throw them all in jail.
  • Amendment 2: You can’t hold all the weapons.
  • Amendment 3: You can’t force folks to support your army
  • Amendment 4: You can’t just grab people’s stuff
  • Amendment 5: You can’t just vindictively go after your enemies again and again and again.
  • Amendment 6: You’ve got to bring in other people if you want to vindictively go after someone AND you can’t delay them in jail AND you can’t keep that trial private AND your enemy gets to have a robust defense.
  • Amendment 7: If it’s about wealth, you can’t avoid a public trial.
  • Amendment 8: You don’t have the right to be cruel.
  • Amendment 9: If we haven’t thought about something, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t important.
  • Amendment 10: If it isn’t explicitly in the Constitution, the duchies get to decide.
So what’s in the constitution?

A lot of “Everyone can Be a King” (if only for a limited time). The House of Lords and the House of Commons seemed to work okay in England to reign in a king, but except for Lords, it was easier just to let states elect a couple of rich folks. And, of course, there’s the other setup for king: a king must have servants. So women and slaves were immediately disqualified, as well as native tribes. And most citizens, because you needed to show proof that you could lead and that was up to LANDOWNERS, not the person working for them.

That’s the evolution of America. Rome said all Gods are ours. And our Dictator is divine upon death. Europe said there is only one God (cause dying Rome said so) and our Kings are divinely chosen by God. England said “Screw your God(s). The king is the voice of god and head of the church (and divinely blessed).”, with an added side of “Um… we got to rein these guys in a little” from the rich folk. America is “Screw God. Screw accident-of-birth. Anyone CAN become king. The divinely blessed will rise to the top.”

What this resulted in was 2 countries, which remain split to this day. One country was “The rest of the world has given up generational slavery; slavery through mercantile forces is the natural way to go” and the other was “Kings have the right to rule over the weak. The white race is obviously supreme and therefore has the right to use others as they see fit.”

That battle continues right now.

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