There are things that are inimical to life, to reality itself, by their nature. And these things are Outside. By definition, Outside is infinite but there is a point where it can be bound and that is the point where the Outside starts to become real.

Here, there is a wall because there has to be a wall. There are no holes in the wall, because that would be a wall with a hole, not a wall, and that’s very different. If it was simply a wall, then it would inevitably fall, because what wall can resist the pressure of the infinite? However there is a gate in the wall and that helps relieve that pressure. And the gate is guarded, because it must be, so that the cthonic forces that exist Outside cannot contaminate our world.

However, something has happened. The gate has been breached. It has been breached by someone on our side using belief against us. Because all the wall and the gate are, are belief. The weapon they used was not hatred or desire or doubt. The weapon they used was among the most potent one we had: love.

The Others do not love.

They cannot because it is antithetical to their nature, as ones from outside.

But they can be loved.

‘True love cannot be stopped.’ We say as we fight to keep the things beyond the gate from reaching our friends and families.

‘A secret love is the most powerful thing.’ We cry as we stand alone against overpowering forces.

And that’s what they twisted. So they could not be stopped. So they could breach the unbreachable.

Heaven help us for we don’t know what to do.

The Others are coming.

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