They Only Want You to Die

When I make a comment that this is a eugenics war, I am not using hyperbole. I am not making a judgement. I am seeing people who are openly promoting the incarceration or death of LGBTQ+, trans, non-white, and non-American folks. And they are enacting real laws that directly impact real people and are NOT stopping. Laws like being able to kidnap children from other states, imprison adults based on their personal, medical, best-practices needs and ONLY train the next generations in a philosophy that supports white supremacist ideals.

Not an exaggeration, people.

There are people fleeing states for fear of their lives. Hell, Rogue River Oregon, conservatives are feeling bold enough to threaten their neighbor’s lives -on video- for flying a pride flag near Pride month.

Do not underestimate what’s going on.

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