Eugenics and You

Every single time someone posts a “Well what if we made MEN responsible for unwanted pregancies?! Those conservatives would sure learn a lesson then!”, I respond with pretty much the same damn thing.

No. No. No. No. No.

Outlawing abortion is not about “responsibility”. It’s about control. About eugenics. It’s about creating fear in half the population. The other half either fall in line or wonder “when it’s their turn”.

It’s about declaring a “crisis” later on. When a bunch of poor people who can’t get an abortion have kids so that you can sterilize them.

It’s about declaring that women are too weak. Or too immoral. Or too irresponsible because they CAN have children so you can pay them less.

It’s about being able to cut off finances or support or healthcare because “some folks just don’t want to learn to be ‘moral’.”

Making a “paternal responsibility act” doesn’t teach anything. IT PLAYS INTO THEIR HANDS. It supports the argument that people are just not responsible enough. So we have to pour money into the cops, into the legal system, jail the men and sterilize the women “we don’t like” to “protect the future”.

The simplest scenario of the above plays out like this. A poor man gets someone pregnant. By accident even if we’re being generous. And he gets pulled into court and “made to pay”. But he can’t. Poor, remember? So the law say “You go to jail”. Where they put you to work, legally, at slave wages. Prison often pay prisoners a couple of dollars an hour to make furniture. For the government or schools or other bullshit. And those wages get sent to the mother. They won’t help because a dollar an hour isn’t enough. But it’ll legally be enough for them to say “you don’t need welfare because the man is ‘supporting’ you”.

It is a white supremacist’s dream and a human’s nightmare.

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