By Any Other Name

If you are presenting arguments against Republicans that are “oh, that’s not fair and this is why…”, you are missing the goddamned point.

The 26+ Republican states are all matching each other and the policies they are passing are straight-up authoritarianism. They are throwing legislators out for “violating decorum”. Passing laws that intentionally harm or kill people. They have passed laws that allow them to legally murder trans- supporters. And they are just getting started.

If you are friends with a Republican, you are friends with a fascist. Dead stop. The best advice you can give them if they go “but I am conservative!” is to drop out of their party and go make something new. There is no coming back from this. There is no “but I can reform the heart of the party”. The party is a shithole of white supremacists and fascists.

No more jokes about “oh they are such hypocrites!” or “Oh but look they are going to hurt innocents.” That is their fucking point, people.

Your posts should be strategies to help others, especially people who have been in this fight for multiple generations. Your posts should be callouts every. single. time. about the cruelty that is going on.

Donate to the people on the ground in all of these states. Support the youth not only on social media (which is important because they watch) but also in the world. Buy people food. Celebrate their victories openly.

But stop the “oh ho ho! Boy those Republicans are sooooo stupid…”

Those “stupid” people have political (not physical) control of over half the Union. Those “stupid” people have taken away the Supreme Court, the House, your right to a safe abortion, your right to a medical abortion and are threatening the lives of your peers and friends.

Stop treating this like a moral debate and see if for what it is.

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