Gods In Hiding

Dreaming a little dream of gods in hiding:

We’re out and about and notice that there’s this guy who is standing just rock still and while he doesn’t seem to be in any distress, people are definitely trying to figure out what’s wrong.

Someone goes up to him and asks what’s up and he says “I am a Norn.”

A person laughs. “Norns are supposed to be women.”


“But you’re a man.”


Playing along with it, people start asking ‘the Norn’ questions about their fate and they’re getting answers but the kind of vague-ish ones you’d expect from fortune-telling machines.

But then two other people start doing the same thing. Stock still. Speaking ‘mechanically’. Answering questions about ‘fate’.

And then three more.

My companion and I figure it out.

The target is us.

We are gods who have been wandering the world too long.

It’s time to go home.

There’s a driver with a limo. Employed by the pantheon to escort people back. And we’re driving down a winding road in the mountains going towards where we need to go. The driver — we know him, in as much as you know people employed for you — he’s chatting up a storm, asking what we’ve seen, what we’ll do.

And it occurs to both me and my compnaion that this is too chatty.

He’s nervous.

Something’s wrong.

I suddenly recognize a path to take, a turn in the road, and I tell him to take it. Startled, he does so and we drive a short distance.

There’s what appears to be a picnic spot or viewpoint or something like it (I didn’t pay much attention to the details). People were there hanging out but more importantly, the road dead ended. At that end was a couple of walls, leading in either direction, and the walls were protecting these giant roots.

I instinctively knew either way we took would lead us where we wanted to go.

So, I took the path to the left and immediately felt happy, empowered, as I headed down the root.

I am Odin. “This is Yggdrasil.”

“You can see the World Tree?” I still remember the desperation in the driver’s voice.

“I can.” I lied. However, I could still only see the mundane part of it, but the World Tree itself… I could feel my existence expanding and the awareness of it rushing towards me.

I tasted the ocean in my heart.

The ocean in my heart… that’s when I realized he shot me. Straight through the heart.

I don’t know what my companion did, or even if they were alive.

But I know I thought “You fool. My heart’s blood is now on Yggdrasil.”

I felt the power of who I am rushing madly to meet me.

And I welcomed it.

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