Hidden Heart

There is this story.

This is how it was told.

In the beginning was the Deep and mystery. That which had been emptied. And that which wanted to be filled. And from their divine tension, creation arrived.

In the beginning, in the Deep was a song. And another heard the song. From the two came the Chorus, which is everything we know and love and live.

In the beginning was a heart and it was lonely. Its beat was as strong as worlds and it called out and it found another. The two beat together and from that joy came everything.

In the beginning was a voice and it said a word and another responded. And from their discussion sprung the universe.

In the beginning was the Two and they reached out to grasp each other. And from their touch, the cosmos unfurled.

In the beginning was the Lovers and they ached with desire. When they acted on their passion, all creation exploded into the real.

In the beginning, there were two universes in the Deep, and where they met, they joined gently. And between them we came.

In the beginning, there was this: ( And there was that: ) And when they met, came beauty, came connection, came love.

In the beginning, there was the Deep and mystery. And then time moved.

This — ( — and that — ) — became this: O

And time began.

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