History Shows the Unforgiving

I will repeat this over and over.

Abortion rights are not up for debate. They never have been. Men of ill will and evil intent framed it that way.

Here’s the real question: who has control over your body?

More specifically, a legally-empowered agency force you to donate pieces of your body to support another person.

Right now, the answer is NO. You do not have to donate blood to people who’ve been in accidents. And you don’t have to give up a kidney if a person needs a transplant. You must GIVE permission for others to harvest your organs even if you have died.

This is a vitally important right.

Historically, abortion wasn’t illegal until after the civil war. It was a moral question. The legalities of who could give birth started to occur when there was a question of lesser “races” (minorities) outstripping “proper” births (white people). Does that sound familiar? This days, modern nazis call it “The Great Replacement.” If you hear that term, you know you’re dealing with someone steeped in racist lore.

How does the government forcing women to give birth solve that problem? A forced birth keeps the poor and disenfranchised at a distinct disadvantage. Society can then look at these women and say “they are badly affecting our culture. We need to do something.” What is that ‘something’?


After all, you already have power over women’s bodies. And then what’s one little step more to “make things right?”

The moral struggle that folks have over abortion is a righteous one. It’s good to debate when life should be allowed to flourish and when it shouldn’t. This should be an eternal debate because it’s an important one. This is no universal solution.

But the minute you bring the law into this, you open up a horror show that historically allowed medical experimentation, sterilizations and dire poverty (not including that the vast majority of American historical forced births were done on slaves).

This fight is about eugenics, plain and simple. Whether the “superior white race and culture” should rule about the “simple minorities.”

If white men seize control over 50% of the population (women), next come the queers. Then all people of color. The disabled.

This is not hyperbole. This is history.

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