Whispers from a gym locker room

No, listen. You’ve got to understand; we use all the placebos. Ok… stop laughing. I’m serious. Yes, I know how effective the placebo effect is. I know it’s not considered additive… I mean, it’s not like you can feed someone ten different placebos and they’re one hundred percent better. No. But it’s vastly unappreciated. I mean, seriously. Ok… you need an example?

For example, you take a person, and, like, they are in bad shape. Doesn’t matter why. After that, you show them some sympathy. Get them to talking to bit. And when you’ve heard enough — what’s enough? Usually just before the dude starts cycling. You know what that is, right? Oh. That’s where they start going over the same shit all over again. But usually making it just a bit worse. Their brain is trying to figure a way out so it’s like a cat with a ball. A ball with a mouse inside. I know. Stupid metaphor. But, think, like, the cat wants to eat that damned mouse. It can hear the mouse, smell it, but can’t get into the ball. So it just keeps batting it around and fiddling with it. Getting more and more frustrated.

Same thing with a human brain but we’ve got it worse. Likely because we figure if we get the story right, everything’s going to change. Power of positive thinking or some other bullshit like that. Jesus will save us all. And when you get frustrated enough, grab that drink and shut the brain down. Or do something stupid. Punch someone vulnerable. Bad shit like that.

Kind of off-topic, though. Not really, but the point is, you wait until this guy’s about ready to cycle and that’s when you sympathize. There’s a couple of other ways to get in, but we’re going to stick with that one. You sympathize with them and you go “Buddy, you’re problem isn’t you. The problem is that you’re being oppressed.”

Ninety percent of the cases that’s going to hit home. Could be a bad boss. Inflation. Economy. Bad home. Hell, broken promises. And then, there’s that feeling. A, what, maybe five percent? Maybe more? Just a little shift. A feeling of validation. Of been seen. That’s when you strike. “You know” — you say — “the people oppressing you must be bad people. Because you’re a good guy.” More validation. Another shift, small but noticeable. But what if they are not a good person? Easy enough. You know the kind of people who oppress bad people? Even worse people. Mainly because they’re trying to hide even worse deeds from people and they need scapegoats.

So, you’ve established your target is either a victim or a scapegoat.

So let’s discuss the “oppressors.”

It’s always “Them.” Never you and me. And there’s a few ways you can tell “them”.

They scream freedom at the top of their lungs but never seem to respect your community’s needs.

How can you tell? Well, they control the media and these few movies mock the hell out of your community and its needs. Don’t worry about the specifics of the movies; there are movies which mock every community. That’s a great place to start. It shakes up faith in the most common way people take in information.

If the target is susceptible to it, follow it up with how these tech bros tend to congregate in Their territory. And isn’t that strange? Because if it was freedom they really wanted, they’d obviously come to these smaller communities and build there.

Back to them, they’re child murderers. Oh, this isn’t about abortion. I mean, your Auntie Flo might have had one and there was that rape case that you support, sure. But They won’t even discuss rules about when and when it isn’t appropriate. They value life so little that they rather anybody can kill any kid at any time than sit down like rational people and talk about it.

And it’s not too much of a stretch to think those same kind of people condone child abuse, right? There’s big-profile ones in the news that were caught (or thrown to the wolves). Imagine how many are still hiding. They revel in the fact that not all of them are even the same religion — if you can’t agree on common ethics, how the hell can you protect your community from those that prey upon it. The truth is They don’t really want to.

Oh, that brings me to a point: race. We settled that in the Civil War and the 60s. This is America. Everyone has the same chance as everyone else. Well… that’s unless you’re oppressed. Oh yeah… it’s good time to bring that up again. Now, in a rational world, people sit down and discuss laws to protect their community from predators. Remember how we just talking about this. Well, so what if a whole group of local predators look the same. That shouldn’t matter right? Rational people would chalk that up to a problem that still needs to be taken care of. But do They care? No, they take the evidence of your own eyes and call you racist.

Do you see how this works? Do you see how we push them along? Placebo affect can shift, what, about five percent of a person’s perception of pain? But keep stacking up those five percents… give them a reason to believe it’s a whole.

And you know what? It’s not like this is an unknown thing. Psychologists have been doing it for years. “The reintegration of authentic self.” I think that’s the term. Taking something broken and stitching it into something whole. And we’re doing to same thing. There’s this belief out there — think it was written in a book — that you need about only ten percent of the population to make a sustainable cultural change. Well, we’ve got thirty percent. We’ve got an army larger than the first civil war. And they’re going to listen to what we say, no matter what, because we’re the ones who taught them how to feel better about themselves.

They’re going to say creepy QAnon things because they believe it and they’re going to say creepy QAnon things because they know it pisses off Them. They’re going to be laughing all the way to the front lines and they’re going to martyr themselves for it. And the best part? This isn’t brainwashing. It’s not propaganda — not in the way that the mainstream means it. This is just the power of placebos. Placebos all the way down.

Trust me. “They” are going hate what happens next. “They” are not going to know what hit them. Because they fundamentally believe that if the folks we talk to, the ones we stitch up, will just see reason, they’ll back down. Brutal reality, though, is you can’t see reason when your attention is thoroughly and completely captured. What’s that old sci-fi show line? “We control the horizontal. We control the vertical.” Heh. Oh yeah, you thought the late 2010s was freaky? Just watch what happens next.

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