On a Certain Trial

The following is brought to you by SARCASMtm. SARCASMtm! When the raw truth just hurts too much.

For the international crowd / fans who might be hermits (or aliens. I’m not picky), the basics are this: this post is in reference to a trial currently going on, where a 17-year old hopped state lines to join a group who were hoping to hurt “bad protestors” under the banner of “defending property”. He openly bragged about and his mom took him.

He ended up killing two and maiming another.

The people he killed were part of a march that was a segment of the larger Black Lives Matter movement. They were angry with the local police department, which has a long history of overt racism and had recently shot a black man multiple times in the back.

The 17-year old was the only person who opened fire.

The Sound of White Tears

That poor, poor babyfaced boy!

All he did was innocently cross state lines to shoot at looters with his semi-automatic rifle! THINK OF THE GUN RIGHTS PEOPLE! Those would-be looters, thugs and rioters were in violation of the law anyway and you know what we do with those who stand against the law, right? WE EXECUTE THEM.

After all, this is America. It’s only innocent if there’s someone left living to stand trial.

But… gasp… the looters (including a medic) had guns too! And they reacted to the event like an active-shooter was involved (which, you know, when a random dude with an assault rifle starts killing unarmed civilians, that’s kind of the definition of an active-shooter scenario).

But, surprise twist, the poor babyface boy felt like his life may have been in jeopardy, so, you know, killing another person and trying to kill another is perfectly in line with making sure his white feelings aren’t bruised or anything.

Please, people, I beg of you, think of the children.

Don’t try and remember that this was a group of locals protesting the execution of a black man, up against police violence, the threat that the police would just “let things happen”, and white supremacists / nazis going “let us take care of them liberals for you, okay?” Think of the babyfaced boy with the rifle instead. Don’t his white rights count for something?

[Brought to you by the Committee for Internet Sarcasm, Bitterness Division] [And I will never forget that the cops -drove- the protesters right into the armed amateurs, while watching testimony from the police chief in charge of the dept going “Oh, is that what we did?”]

A Simple Discussion

Context: people arguing whether the right-winged adult white terrorist is guilty or free to shoot “bad people”. My response is based on hundreds –if not thousands– of same worded responses I’ve read over the years, except, um, replace “white” with any other ethnicity or culture you can imagine. Sigh.

Me: Man, I don’t know what you people are talking about. This thug took his piece to a gang meeting and then shot citizens who were having a night out. Like all other gang-bangers, he should be shoved into the electric chair and all his other peeps who were strapping should be in the prison population.

Oh I love how the gang keeps going “We was just there to protect the neighborhood.” Haha. Bunch of methheads probably. You know how these white trash are. Shit… did I just say a slur? I’m sorry. I know all white folks aren’t bad. I mean look at the three the gangbanger shot! A medic, a skateboarder, and a mentally ill man. These are examples of good white people and we shouldn’t forget that.

But look at the shots of that thug with his piece. Look at his pasty ass trying to defend how he shot folks because he thought gangbanging was innocent fun.

Light him up!

And for those folks above who keep talking about “criminal records” on the mentally ill victim, you think that POS gangbanger was looking up the folks he shot?

Plus, you keep talking about citizens with guns. SECOND AMENDMENT PEOPLE!!! How the fuck else are you going to protect yourself against criminal shits like that 17-year old man and his fellow gang besties?

Response from random white male, summarized: Hold up… “A medic, a skateboarder, and a mentally ill man.” Are you trying to say a convicted child rapist represents “good white people”? or were you just being facetious?

Me: hey, we -all- know there are issues with white people. Rape is rampant in their community and it’s likely because they don’t really have strong communities, like other cultures have. And dads… don’t get me started. Absent most of the time, always pushing for women to have babies while not equally wanting to take care of the actual kids. Completely emotionally unavailable. Violent. (I mean, Jesus, look no further than the gangbangers that 17-year old was hanging with).

So, it’s really not surprising to find a mentally ill man convicted of something (given those circumstances). And hey, as much as you and I might want those whites to be locked up forever, the law IS the law. Person served his time and (probably) was in the system so he could be watched.

I mean, despite your reservations (and you should have them!), innocent until proven guilty. Unless you can point to a place on video where the dude grabbed for the kid’s penis (all the hi-res videos were not allowed at trial so I can’t say one way or the other), it’s assault and that’s all legally that can be said about the incident, since the kid didn’t know who was assaulting him.

I agree that we really should get on top of this white-on-white violence that keeps occurring (or the laws that let provenly dangerous whites back on the street), but what are you going to do about it?

Just the ways things are in America.

The Inevitable Rebuttal

Ah, the joys of online.

As usual, someone tried to defend the verdict of the white boy’s trial (not guilty, :'( ) as not an example of racist actions by bringing up the Andrew Coffee IV case.

So, that was the one where a guy, in bed with his girlfriend, woke up hearing people break into his house. And then a gunshot…

He, rightfully, thought his home was under fire by an intruder, grabbed his gun and returned fire. And then watched as a SWAT team killed his love. That is to say, they were breeching the place under a no-knock warrant (the initial “shot” was a flash bang).

Ultimately, innocent on the standard charges, including attempted murder of a police officer. The department admitted openly that they were overzealous and it was a tragedy that shouldn’t have happened. The jury handed down a verdict the same day as the white boy.

Great, right?

Sure… if you don’t count that one charge of illegal possession of a firearm, which Andrew Coffee IV is guilty of. And that can merit a maximum thirty-year sentence. And the D.A. promises they will push for the maximum.

The difference between the white boy and Andrew Coffee?

Andrew Coffee is black.

Buh-but what about self-defense?

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