The Problem with Mark

“Oh no! The Kids are watching all this crap! But I only post wholesome things. The values of society are so dead” — semi-random internet poster. (In the face of tens of thousands of papers from a company who has renamed itself to rhyme with Beta).

What was the point of the mini-rant? Well, it’s all about “personal responsibility”. If they spend their time on Mark’s Super Social Novel Beta app then their depression/anxiety/ignorance/anger/radicalization is all their fault.

Yeah no.

Maybe in the time of AOL online and forums. But now, … oh, the whole thing is terribly fascinating.

Mark’s little Murder Machine works off of computer algorithms that take in all the data they can. How long you read / stop at a post. Whether you post “like” (or any other reaction). Your comments (and who interacted with those). What you bought. Who you PMed. And also cookies put on your browser so they can track you even if you’ve closed their app. These algorithms then take ALL the posts your friends / groups / pages are sending out. And then they dramatically adjust what you get to see to promote the MIS.What’s the MIS?

Well, that stands for the Meaningful Interaction score and it’s basically how much time you spend on Mark’s Media Mangler. They want to maximize your time on Mark’s Dance-Monkey-Dance app (and related apps they own like What’s*** app and that one with all the photos) because that’s how they make money: by selling advertising to you and also by selling your personal likes and dislikes.

The programmers tamper with these algorithms all the time to see what works best for their bottom line. For example, they adjusted the algorithm a number of years back to -maximize- the amount of negative posts people were seeing and watched as people plunged into depression and anger. They didn’t tell people they were doing it. Didn’t tell people when they stopped.

And legally, they are not required to; this is a loophole in the law. Mental suffering has always been devalued, so..

So, the most recent damning stuff put out there goes like this: Mark’s Mystifying Muckduck has thoroughly researched what gets them the most money and they discovered that negativity gets them the most engagement. Your feed–what you watch and who can see your posts– are deliberately culled so that you, individually, get the most negative posts you can stand. This is being done to your friends and family on Mark’s Malicious Mange. It literally led to the January 6th riots (yes, Mark’s boys researched it and confirmed it) as they dismantled their “lets not post politics” division the instant Biden got elected.

In addition, they found out, through paid research, that their algorithms on Instagram were -driving- young teen women towards mental breakdowns and/or suicide. Approximately 12-20% of them.

Their response? “Eh. 80% of the folks are still clicking on our site. Sounds fine to us!”

Please understand that this is a -deliberate- action by humans that deliberately causes harm. They could adjust the algorithms. They don’t. In fact, they are talking about making platforms based off Mark’s Malignant Murk for Kids (12 and under) and also discussing how they can make their app so invasive it will dominate playdates.

I’ve been a game designer for decades, trained in psychology, a community activist, a parent and working currently in the medical profession. I’ve looked at what they are doing and listened to both of Mark’s testimonials as to why it’s “not wrong” or “misconstrued” in print, in an interview, and in testimony to Congress.

What is happening is, if anything, UNDERSTATED by the liberal media. This is deliberate malice in the name of unrestricted capitalism. If you’re a teen and not on Instagram, you are socially on the outs. There are businesses that rely on Mark’s platform and several billion adults who use it. This is no minor thing.

This is a Big Tobacco or Big Oil moment.

Is this what you want our future to be?

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