An Echo Chamber Named Despair

Oh lords, the growing chorus of “Well, in my day we didn’t SEE so many dirty, filthy, rotten, evil, drugged-out homeless.”

Seriously, people?

Ever consider that the reason you see more homeless is economics? Rising rent prices and stagnant (or lower) wages? No houses that aren’t ridiculously priced? A police system that’s gleefully arresting folks and grabbing all their stuff rather than helping a brother or sister out? Could be that’s why the neighborhood is changing.

Wal Mart created an entire empire out of computer algorithms. They allowed the company to prevent employees from accessing full-time benefits. Corporations have forced people to move on a whim, and then reduced salaries to “location-appropriate” levels. Outsourcing has become so normalized that most companies only have core functionality, with things like “providing payroll” working out of other countries. Banks charge illegal fees to folks cashing their paychecks with nary a worry that the government will come after them. After all, they are “too big to fail”

All these systems based on codes and predictability.

I wonder what it would take to mess with those algorithms to make those companies unprofitable.

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