Observers of the Night Sky

So… 2014 (maybe earlier): some Inuit repot something’s wrong with the sky. It -physically- looks different.

“Science”: Nah.

They keep talking about it.

“Science”: Eh. Even if something’s wrong, it’s too suble. You haven’t seen it.

They keep talking about it.

Actual Science 2021: oops.…/2020GL092114

TLDR; the geographical poles have been shifting since the 80s due to climate change & this change is speeding up. What does that mean for the planet? <shrug> dunno but “science” says likely not good things.

Note how I use “science” in quotes above. The scientific publications which were discussing the Inuit observations, instead of treating them as observations by specialists, treated them as “oh look! The primitive people are saying funny things!”

It is -extremely- irritating to read, especially since they cloaked it as “ignorant people saying ignorant things”.

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