The Sweeps

A bunch of neighbors — folks who had houses and folks who didn’t — gathered together to protest this idiot idea set forth by the authorities to fence off Echo Park. The excuse? “Public safety”. The reality: homeless people make the government look bad.

Again, to emphasize this, the government wanted to shut down a homeless encampment in the name of the public good and the public showed up to say “nope! We’re fine, guys. Back off.”

Lot of beautiful photos of the event. Heartwarming, even. The follow-up to the twitter post was this:

“Surprising to absolutely no one, a few hours after these lovely photos were likely taken, LAPD brought hell down on the demonstration. I saw estimates of 400 cops, 100 cop cars and helicopters (that are at least $900/hr).

So when we say defund the mother fucking police, think about this moment when possibly tens of thousands of LA’s tax dollars went to this pointless show of power instead of to the unhoused community the demonstration was in support of 😡

And please tell everyone of ‘Echo Park Rise Up’ and support this movement. “

Fuck that noise. #StopTheSweeps

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