Unsettling Hypothesis

Sigh. I really tried to keep this disturbing hypothesis to myself.

This started when I talked to a medical professional; she said she worried about an “I am Legend” scenario. She was referring to a movie with Will Smith (sidenote: the book, by Richard Matheson was about vampires and the foundation of the modern zombies-eat-my-brains genre). In the movie, the good guys come up with a cancer vaccine. But, bad news, it accidentally terms humanity into monsters. Except a few, our hero included.

It’s a tale of unexpected consequences with the best intentions.

I spend some time reassuring her about the techniques used for the modern COVID vaccines. How long the companies tested the vaccines and under what circumstances. How similar it was to older therapies in many ways. And that was that….

Except it wasn’t.

Later that night I ended up getting a dream downloaded. And the result of that is the following concern.

tldr; I figured out the unintended consequences.

So… I need to ask some questions from someone who has a deep understanding of virology. I’ve got some questions re: mRNA vaccines. Preferably a medical member -in- the field. I’m aware of alternate modalities. However, I’m looking for someone who is in the thick of the science.

Starting out, I am pro-vaccine (as a technology). Consequently, I am aware that specific vaccines can cause unintended effects beyond the standard (small) list of reactions. Which is why I fully support the older vaccines (which are time tested). But I always look at new ones skeptically (NOT condemning).

I need data to disprove it: mRNA technology (as I understand it) is the ability to insert part of the protein coat that makes up, in this case, the exterior of SARS-CoV-2. The injection passes the vaccine into the system, where a series of random cells will produce the protein coat. This inspires a reaction from the immune system that will reduce the amount of those specific proteins to a clinically insignificant level. SARS-CoV-2 is notorious for being able to infiltrate and impact multiple systems, so it’s feasible to assume the protein will do the same.

The mRNA technique has been in clinical tests for years, primarily with tailored cancer treatments and against specific coronaviruses. Here’s the thought: none of the clinical testing cover this possibility, because doctors tailor the therapy to a specific issue. What if, in the course of rapidly offering the mRNA SARS-CoV-2 vaccine AND boosters AND new MRNA vaccines for COVID variants, you introduce a situation where the proteins interact and form protease resistant amyloids? Or, the shorter version: what if mRNA tech creates prions?

Prions, if you didn’t know, punch holes in your brain. It’s long-term, unforgiving, and fatal. There is no cure.

It’s likely this would have been seen before in earlier (cancer/coronavirus) mRNA tests — though I can’t locate if somebody has actually asked this question — if this was to occur with a vaccine focused on a single therapy. As a result, this means that getting the current shots should be safe. But what about scenario 2: that, due to the success of this first run, the industry cranks up the mRNA ‘machine’ and turns out shots to cover COVID-variants and maybe boosters and this leads to… well, a horrific and almost unimaginable health crisis as billions fall to a unique version of Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease.

I know that prions are the least understood of the conditions out there. I also understand that our immune system isn’t perfect (it’s not supposed to be!). Furthermore, that protein fragments lurk in all of our vaccinated bodies right now (and that’s fine!). What have I missed? Or is this a realistic scenario? Or has someone already asked this? Help, Mr. Science!

tl/dr; can mRNA vaccines over time accidentally lead to a prion epidemic?

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  1. BTW

    Case in point, I’ve gotten a nice bit of Bell’s Palsy (on May 1st) due to my 2nd Covid 19 Moderna shot. While it may be correlation rather than causation, I got a ‘warning’ (novel facial numbness) after the first shot and a full case (weakening of the 7th cranial nerve) at about the same time length after the 2nd shot. I do have compounding factors, which may have leaned into this. Point is, things happen. I certainly don’t regret getting the shots at all (Bell’s is temporary; covid is horrifying). However, I never would have dreamed that getting a vaccine would having me wake up with the left side of my face sliding down. Still recovering, eight weeks after diagnosis…

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