Qanon “Shaman” vs. Odin

Front and center of the people in the Jan 6 coup, there’s this shirtless fella sporting the following. A bison headdress, fox tails, and a number of norse-inspired tattoo who also had taken the name “shaman”.

Bunch of bullshit white appropriation in a bag. And, he doesn’t apparently know half the meaning of the stuff inked on his skin.

I really shouldn’t be surprised.

The three tattoos come from the Asatru tradition, people trying to recreate Norse faiths. While a number of them are actually trying to connect to their roots, there is a substantial number who have taken their faith to mean “We are the superior White Race”.

You could also see the “shaman” dressing like what he believes a berserker looks like (dedicated warrior to Odin). A berserker by way of the white Arizona suburbs, that is…

His tattoos include the Valknut over his heart (the three connected triangles). Next, Yggdrasil (Odin sacrificed himself on it for power) beneath the heart. And then Mjolnir on his guts. Advertising he dedicates his life to Odin, willing to sacrifice himself, and feels gutsy as all hell.

I can’t even begin to express my disgust over this POS, especially since he understands nothing about his ancestors where Odin was a genderqueer poet/wizard. Yggdrasil represented the invention of writing. And Thor was the psychotic dickhead you keep around only because you need him against hostile giants.

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