Alan Dean Foster vs The Mouse

Alan Dean Foster is an acclaimed author who has been putting out books for decades. Does a load of adaptations of cinematic properties as well. Also, currently suffering from cancer.

The last thing he needs to be in is a contractual dispute.

Here’s the issue. Even if a copyright is sold, the author still gets royalties if the IP is sold to someone else. Typically, this comes in an advance and once the royalties surpasses the advance (i.e. the publisher is paid off for their temp loan to the author), then the author gets the royalties.

The Mouse seems to think this doesn’t apply to them. That once they’ve got the product, it’s all theirs. No obligations. The books in question? The original publisher recouped their advance long ago. We’re talking about pure royalties here. Royalties owed to the author.

This is manifest and complete bullshit. If left to stand, it affects all writers both past and present. It compromises our ability to actually run our own business and make a livelihood off it.

It must not stand.

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