All the President’s Zombies

The orange-haired toad squatting in the White House decided to do a press conference today. All about health stuff. So, I figured I’d tune in for a moment. That proved to be… a mistake. I’ve never heard anything quite like it. A president who offers a vaccine delivered by the military to the elderly and “highly vulnerable”, followed by a -full- reopening of the country because 99% of the non-vulnerable population has “a full and complete recovery” from covid.

Except for New York. New York will not be included because ‘they are too political and want to endanger the lives of their people’.

Followed by the governor of Illinois stating that he made available $30 million worth of housing for people during the time of covid. But the REAL problem? Lazy tenants not paying. So, the plan: roll over immediate orders forcing broke people to report they have nothing. If the state agrees? Money goes out. Otherwise, the state offers no protection and recommends eviction.

It was… to put it mildly… horrifying to watch. Especially when the doctor meekly said “well, we don’t -exactly- have a vaccine yet… or treatment… yet… but soon, so soon, really soon…” followed by a general who proclaimed loudly that America was the bestest and would be renewed by this best of presidents ASSUMING there wasn’t a change in leadership… except for New York. New York could go fuck itself.


That leads me to this thought. This talk about a rushed vaccine given to the “most vulnerable” (about 20 million). Is it just me or does this sound like the opening to a zombie flick?

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