Please Give Back (seriously!)

I live on stolen land, specifically that of the Fernandeno Tataviam Band of Mission Indians. I’m even related to some of the thieves (Hi, Great Grandpa!). Currently land acknowledgement is all the rage (which is… better than nothing?). However until we all start paying green card fees and rent to the Tataviam, I’m going to suggest something stronger than just “we are here”. And that’s paying attention and donating to the causes they choose as important.

I want to ask all of my friends to please donate to the Tataviam Land Conservancy. We are a nonprofit that has a little over 100 acres donated to us. We will keep the land as open space and restore it to its natural setting with hiking trails for all. It is in the Castaic area. We need money to pay for insurance and other expenses to preserve our traditional tribal land. So, google Tataviam Land Conservancy and hit the donate button. Every dollar will help. Thanks

Alan Salazar

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