So That Election…

U.S. elections. Painful. Especially painful when neighbors are screaming that when they win, they will jail or kill all their opponents. Like God intended. Makes me want to move out.

So what’s a coyote to do? Well, my wife’s got roots in the Emerald Isles, so seriously thinking of moving to Ireland, since they pulled out of the UK.

What’s that? They didn’t?


Well, Catalonia sounds nice this time of year, since they broke away from Spain…

Hold on… seriously? Spain didn’t let them move out, kicked the shit out of them and ‘kept them in the nation’?

And here I thought if the wife wants a divorce and the husband refuses then the husband is being abusive.

Looks like that doesn’t apply to people in politics.

Ah well. Guess I’ll just stay home and fight imperialism here.

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