Things That Irritate Me

On today’s list of things that irritate me:

  • I just can’t handle the topic THIS GROUP WAS FOUNDED ON.
  • So… I’m gonna leave the group after wasting your time.
  • And insulting your beliefs.
  • Are you sure those fascist folks over there using fascist language are really bad people?
  • Cause, as a white guy, it certainly doesn’t affect me.
  • And I can afford to say ‘maybe we should give them a second chance’.”

So, the name of the group in question is “Healing from Whiteness”. The basics are: “white” is a social construct, folks who identify as “white” or “raised white” are stuck in a complicated mess, and no one can do this work alone.

TLDR; the group is a deliberately anti-racist group. It examines the social structures that shore up this artificial and racist construct known as “white”. That got mildly derailed by the person in question who presented ALL of the fun arguments above.

Regarding fascist groups being fascist. If a group is singled out in a national debate as being a white supremacist group, then its members should really question their calling in life. And if that same group is singled out in a national debate as being a white supremacist group and advertises itself as ‘not racist’, maybe they then shouldn’t put in the extra time loudly changing all their merch to “The (racist) PRESIDENT LOVES US and we should STAND BY (to fight Black Lives Matter)!”

So, I’m just saying, the hand was tipped, ya know?

Oh, Proud Boys… what in fact do you have to be proud about?

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