How to Frame a Narrative (“Thug Life” version)

This was… uncomfortable to write. I did this on a social media feed when someone tried to justify a 17-year old killing two protestors and maiming a third.

So, I took every single argument I’ve ever heard against BIPOC and just turned it right around, mirroring those arguments back at the same people who would happily throw them at the feet of people without white privilege.

Thug comes into an area and pops a cap in a dude

Then gets scared when the dude’s homies react?That dumb-ass gang member was trying to make his bones (which he did) and now is whining self-defense.And you and that other guy are buying the bullshit.

You know what gangs are like. Nothing but criminals, drug users and rapists. That’s what this kid was a part of, openly. Still feeling sympathy for the little gang-banger from the hood? Fuck him.

Even had his momma drive him. That tells you something about his family. They’re all criminals, probably. Wouldn’t surprise me if they were generational gang members.

Where’s his dad, anyway? Abandoned him? That’s pretty likely.

With any luck they’ll three strikes his dumb ass and throw him in lock-up for life where he belongs. Or maybe take him out entirely. Does Wisconsin even do lethal injection?

What kind of snowflake are you to be supporting thug life?

These kind of people — mother and father included — should be locked up, as should people like you who support crime.

You keep supporting the thug who was doing gangsta shit on scene! You are supporting thug life! Who gives two squirts whether the protestors were packing? Of -course- somebody was packing.

Right to defend yourself! Second Amendment! And holy hells did they need it! When this wet-behind-the-ears gang-banger showed up to raise hell, they should have shot him right then and there!

Where were the cops in all this?! A gang shows up to a protest, you -arrest- the creeps! I’ll bet they had drugs in their car and if not, perhaps helping them into jail wouldn’t have been the worst thing.

And you think there’s irony in protestors trying to call in the cops? There’s irony that citizens are calling for help from the cops AGAINST A GANG?

What the fuck kind of high are you on, man?

Cops arrest gangs and protect citizens. Period.You need to put down the crack pipe and get a hold of reality again.

Armed gang harassing civilians.

Case shut.

I’m just shocked that this person over here and that same guy keep supporting Thug Life(tm). How f-ed up do you have to be to get behind career criminals who shoot at civilians?

Gotta note, though, best comment on social media: “militia”. That’s f-ing hilarious. That’s like “motorcycle club” for Hell’s Angels. Who really buys this shit?

You want to talk about his skin color?

No. You know I love you, dude, but let’s keep skin color out of this. We’re not racist here and every body, of every color, deserves a chance. This is America, after all.

But also, let’s not kid ourselves. These people? It’s not like they came from good stock. At least a quarter of those kind of people brought over here were convicted criminals and I’m positive that low number is wishful thinking on historians’ part.

You know how they tend to lean in the Ivory Tower.

Let’s throw that quarter out for a second and look at the rest. It’s not like they were throwing their Galileos or Newtons at us. No.

The proof is in the details. You have people so stupid they were -starving- until the locals helped them out. And then they -murdered- the locals. That’s in the history books. No one is denying this.

They couldn’t even properly govern themselves. Constant violence and crime under both British and French governance. They couldn’t handle it.

So, they stole their founding documents from a nearby nation and told everybody it was theirs. And then killed anybody who disagreed.

Not good people, here, my friend. Not good at all.

And now?

The breakdown of the nuclear family. Rising atheism AND religious extremism. Chronic, generational poverty. Gun worshiping to the point where it’s chilling for a law-abiding citizen.

I wish I could blame it on skin color, but it’s a factor of the decisions these people keep making generation after generation.

It’s a wonder people like this 17-year old kid don’t turn to gangs more often, with their violent disposition. That has to do with the effectiveness of law enforcement and proper education.

Where that is lacking, like this kid’s home, obviously, that’s where trouble comes from.

I’d love to be one of those simple-minded folks like that guy over here who just sees this hoodlum as a ‘kid’ even though that’s patently ridiculous. Old enough to hold a gun, to kill a man, that’s an adult and he should be treated as one. You can’t allow these types of people to breed otherwise…

Well, you just go hunt down one of the locals whose descendants met these would-be-felons straight off the ship.

Let them tell you how it all worked out.

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