How to Frame a Narrative (the “War Prayer” version)

Have you ever read Twain’s “The War Prayer”?

If not, here it is:

Consider the below, an attempt at the War Prayer 2020

A child comes to Kenosha, full of the desire to be a man. He kills one and then flees when others come to protect the people. Another dies by the child’s hand and a third is wounded.

Some would say this child is a savior. That he fought against a protest full of Evil thugs. To that end, I offer their words back to them. Nothing more, nothing less than what I have heard from them over time.

Kill ’em all, right?

That’s what it’s all about. Doesn’t matter if they deserved it. They’re fucking liberals, right? It’s not like they’re people who’ve had their their family or friends killed or paralyzed by cops. They’re animals, right? I see that on Fox News and other affiliates all the time.

Put words in your mouth? Hey, you said we shouldn’t blame it on the President, who sent in an unconstitutional attack force into Portland which was targeting medics and journalists.

And you said that the mainstream media isn’t reporting the protestors burning cars (they are reporting it) or committing violence (they absolutely are reporting that) but that if we only knew how violent it got…

17-year old vs. unarmed protestors. He looked a bit scared. But conservatives can’t stay silent any more right?

Liberals are ruining the country, so kill them, yeah? Hell, blind a few more journalists. Stomp on a grandma’s neck. They deserve it.

It’s your world, good sir. Embrace it.

You must feel really good now, right? People got killed, like they deserved. And the “hero” got out of there, okay. Let’s give the police some real armaments to take out that crowd. How about some semi-automatics?

Make ’em bleed. The screaming of kids isn’t that much different from adults, is it? Nah. A building gets graffitied? Fuck ’em up! A boot to the head? Well assassinate that fucker!That’s the way it’s got to be, right?

Keep going, killa! I feel like you get it, like it’s under your skin. You don’t have to pay attention to -anyone- who actually knows folks on the ground in Kenosha or Columbus or Portland! You’ve got better sources.

Better yet, you got a narrative! Everyone is brainwashed. You’re the smart one. Everyone is stupid. You’re the smart one. Everyone watches all wrong things. You’re the smart one.

Nobody knows the truth like you do and the truth is they all have to die, right? Those filthy liberals. And the anti-racists! Screw those assholes! And the anti-fascists? Who doesn’t know that they are just a bunch of nazis?

You’re getting nothing but encouragement here. No need to argue with someone who sees that desire for blood, right?

You are silent no more and your voice is the sound of a gun firing.

I don’t see what you’re complaining about. Don’t you -want- to be lumped in with these heroes? These fine people who fire into crowds, who bring knives when others bring fireworks.

I get it.

Anything can be justified as a weapon. Anything. Raise your fist in the air? You’re threatening me, right? March with more than one person? Gang activity. Ride a skateboard to an event? Well, you deserved to eat that bullet.

If it’s a protestor, don’t they deserve it just a bit more? Is that how you’re feeling? Well, obviously you’d like people to think that a skateboard across the shoulder justifies getting a double tap to the brain stem?

Alternative: young adult brings in assault rifle and announces on social media that he’s done with this liberals. An AG might say that this kid, who isn’t law enforcement and isn’t from the state, might be guilty of planning and executing felony murder.

And that if you were the dude, armed only with a skateboard, even if you’d aimed it at his head and not the shoulder / back, and killed him, that would have been self defense.

Still, off topic, right? You’ve got this picture, right? And everyone is so stupid. They don’t get the whole picture. They don’t know people on the ground. Only you know the truth.

You can’t have been brainwashed. No, you can’t be wrong.

You can’t be wrong, right?

Nah. You’ve never hurt someone who was actively trying to kill you.

Of course it’s the law. Unless it’s considered an international war crime, which the US originally signed on to, but, you know, screw that. Foreigners, amirite? And if it’s a local racist law, meh. People need to know their place.

Or a law that’s abused? Thin blue line, yeah? Cops gotta be cops and no one should get in their way. Or film them. Maybe fix the people they beat. Or be in the general area.

You know, you could train more kids to be just like that killa. Learn them how to take out targets that aren’t armed. Fuck these “civilian” rules, right? Liberals deserve it! And their families. Or if they’re at home. In bed.

They deserve it because something must have happened in their past and it isn’t like it’s “innocent until guilty” in your world, right?You’re not the stupid one. You are the only one with the truth.

When someone like that pulls the trigger, it doesn’t matter whether they are wrong or right. They are always right.


You should feel proud.

You should feel smart.

Isn’t this a great place to be? People laughing while others are -dying-? That must feel terrific.

Man, you’ve got one -great- hero to look up to. Oh… and turns out there was no molotov thrown. Kid just got pissy at getting in a fist fight when he had a gun.

But that’s okay. We’re not saying he killed any -real- people, right? Just lefty-left black folks or soy-boys or some other incel-y insult. Something like that.

Who can keep track, amirite? Keep up the smart work! Those mothers on the picket lines aren’t going to shoot themselves!

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