A Bell Tolls in Kenosha

It will, sadly be easy enough to find in the news feeds.

Child Shoots Protestors.

August 23rd. There’s an angry man, who is leaving a situation to drive off with his three kids who are in the car. Instead of the police allowing him to leave, he gets seven bullets in the back.

Paralyzed, likely for life.

The people of Kenosha rise up and say that this isn’t right. This isn’t fair. They crowds meet, like people in many other cities, cops in riot gear, vague promises, and the threat of escalating “legal” violence.

Partway into this, a gang of people one state over believe that Kenosha is “their territory” and they must defend it “evil, lawless thugs”. That brings a bunch of them, armed to the teeth, to a protest.

Some report that police ushered the shooters through as a sort of unofficial support to the police presence. Or perhaps a scapegoat. Or perhaps no one ushered them in at all.

Words are exchanged. Screams, threats. Some throwing of objects. Typical stuff.

Then shots ring out.

One down. People leap to the defense. Two down. Another wounded.

The 17 year old responsible for killing people walks out of the scene and back home. [Update: Aug 30] Even ignores his first court appearance for first degree murder so he can have a bit more time to get a better lawyer.

The two corpses aren’t late for their appointment with the coroner.

The reverberations of this shooting is already echoing across the noosphere. The shooter is being made into a saint, taking three devils out of the world. Others transform the dead into martyrs, taking down a demon before he could kill more people.

People are using the story as a trigger, as bait, as harm, as rationalism, and emotional support. For one side. For the other.

There will be others.

It’s not something I look forward to, or relish. But it is a fact that there will be others. Blood has been shed and where it is shed, if peace cannot be forged, then war will be baptized in that same crimson font.

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