Battle for the USPS

“Save the USPS” is not something I thought I’d be talking about. Yeah, I know the Republicans sabotaged it. And I know about the billions they have to pay out. All to support a nebulous future.

But now, 45 installed a trumped-up monkey dick to ‘run’ the post office. And by run it, I mean totally interfere with the election. How? By literally ripping up mailboxes from poor communities. And also, by stripping down / selling high-speed sorting machines.

All in the name of “efficiency.”

According to this hyper-charged fecal-waste of grey matter, he’s just trying to streamline a dying organization. And this would be an organization that his boss’ party shot in the side a few decades back and has been struggling to survive.

Instead of helping, he’s plunging in, two fisted, and ripping out chunks.

So, this tumblr post lists three ways we can directly help the USPS. DO these NOW:

Summary: call House & Senate reps. These three bills must pass. Delivering for America Act, USPS Fairness Act, and HEROES Act

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