Tone Policing (and why you should STFU)

A note for people wanting to make an impact in the world.

No. Not you. The white person in the corner. Male, female. Don’t matter. Listen up.

I’ve been in the room with people who express a lot of anger and then watched white people walk out of that room saying “but what they said was ‘racist’!” (or bigoted; the white folk use that too if they feel particularly PC that day)

And I want to shake them and say “It’s not about you.”

Which means it is about them but it’s also not about them.

We need anger. We need rage. Quiet passivity accomplished nothing, when society already maintains a stranglehold on you. People must be able to be people when society spent literally hundreds of years treating them as something other than human.

Tone policing can go fuck itself. Listen to people as if they are family (chosen, if not by blood).

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