Asherah, Is That You?

Bear with me. This goes from alien conspiracy to Sumerian goddesses. And a novel called Snowcrash.

It’s a bit of a wild ride.

Bunch of people in lab coats gather in front of the Supreme Court. Declare they are doctors of MANY persuasions and YEARS of experience. They have the answer to the pandemic.

Their head is this woman (I’m not going to name her here, but that might summon here and that would be scary). She says this one drug can cure the pandemic, definitively. Masks and PPE are unnecessary and a thing of the past.

The White House re-tweeted this.

Turns out the woman has a few other beliefs

1. Gynecological issues are caused by sex with DEMONS!!!

Despite the click-bait nature of this, she was Cameroonian and it’s not unusual that sex with ‘spirit spouses’ was part of her repertoire. After all, a number of cultures hold that spiritual forces cause a physical manifestation.

And if you want to translate it to U.S. med-speak, it means “something happened. You should pay more attention to what you are doing.” Fundamentally, a harmless belief. -Ish.

2. Space alien DNA is being used in mainstream medicine and Reptiloids (and other ETs) run the U.S. government.

Oh, goddammit! David Icke! Is that you again? This goofball is a writer who invented this dumbass narrative that a bunch of lizard-like aliens from (oh this is “brilliant”) from the constellation Draco. They are served by the alien Greys (think the big-headed, big-eyed alien emojis) and opposed by the Nords (super-advanced white people). And they run the U.S. government. While transforming humans into lizard-hybrids. And conducting baby-blood sacrifices with newly-changed U.S. presidents (um, what?). Ever heard or seen the TV series “V”? The studio basically took it from Icke. A fiction of a fiction.

3. The Illuminati are using witches to destroy the world using (but not limited to): abortion, gay marriage, and (of course) children’s toys and media

Well, duh. This is a story as old as the Illuminati narrative. If it ain’t super-science (the Reptiloids), it has to be MAGIC, right? The Illuminati used to share symbology that was similar to the Templars, the Free Masons, the Order of the Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowley and any other yahoo who thought they understood pseudo-Egyptian mythology and could trace it back to Atlantis.

The funny thing is what links this entire thing is the decision not to birth kids (abortion, gay marriage) and the fear of what can happen to kids after they are born (OMG, they watched HARRY POTTER?!?! The Horror!).

4. “They” (not sure which side — the Reptiloids or the Grand High Magi) are developing a vaccine to stop people from being religious.

Holy shit! Wait… what?

Sweet Jesus! She’s part of the cult of Asherah!

Where’s Hiro Protagonist when you need him?

Who’s got #snowcrash on their Apocalypse Bingo?

Okay… backing up…


Asherah is a reference to the novel “Snowcrash” by Neal Stephanson. The book is a great and very, very weird cyberpunk novel stuck firmly in the vein of the 80s-90s. Weird as hell with a main character called Hiro Protagonist who is a pizza driver for the Mafia (no, really. It’s really an amusing read).

Through, well, a bunch of shenanigans, he ends up going against a conspiracy that is promoting a virus that causes religion, specifically an evangelical-style faith that hacks your brain stem and makes you into a mindless drone.

And the heroes (Hiro being out front) are all looking for the vaccine for the Asherah virus.

This doctor… is she the new Asherah?

Stay tuned. This is popcorn-worthy shit.

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