The Battle For Portland (week 2)

The Battle For Portland is now entering into its second week. Local police are joining up with the paramilitary sent by the rogue executive branch to gas moms and beat veterans (not exaggerating).

In related news, unmarked folks dressed in camouflage grabbed this guy off the street. They threw him in a rented, unmarked white van. (isn’t this all fun?). They took him to an undisclosed location, read Miranda Rights, asked the guy to wave his rights to “answer a few questions”. He refused. After that, they took him right back out into a van and tossed him back out on the streets.

There are no stats on how many other people are being picked up, where they are being taken, or why. No paperwork either, that anyone knows about. None.

Think about that for a minute.

Meanwhile local and state officials are crying out that this is -not- helping. And everyone who is an LEO needs to step down & the feds need to fuck right off.

Folks with an active bent are throwing up lawsuits and other actions to engage the bureaucracy. But there’s no guarantee that this does anything more than the impeachment of 45 did.

Sláinte mhaith, Portland. Drive those foreign fuckers out!

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