The Invasion of Portland

Portland and Columbus…

Unmarked federal armed personnel are dispersing protestors and flat-ass grabbing people off the streets. And then shoving them into vans to “bring the situation under control”. The Governor is apparently talking to the head of Homeland Security today to get a withdrawal. That doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Folks who have been through Occupy, Standing Rock, etc. are loudly saying they saw this before. This sort of behavior in the earlier protests was common. Take a few places to test out a strategy and then deploy widely.

So far, this demonstration of force is looking “successful”.

I am >screaming< at all of you “Heads up”.

Unless this sort of behavior is suppressed and punished -quickly- and thoroughly, you will see these people in your hometown, and given the people I talk to (folks who -care about there community), odds are more than a few of you will be whisked into unmarked vans and taken away.

I am not fucking kidding. I am not full of hyperbole.

Talk to -everyone- you know about this. Strategize a way to stop these clowns and do NOT let any elected officials off the hook in supporting this tactic in -any- way, shape, or form.

I have people I love in Oregon, some of whom are in Portland, a number of whom are at risk right. now.

Do not make light of this. Portland and Columbus have been invaded by a rogue force under the direction of the executive branch. This is not, in any way, shape or form, good.

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