Anarchists! Thy Name is “NME”

Oh goody. Now the federal government is trying to get anarchism and anti-fa labeled as “terrorist movements.”

Sigh. Not this shit again.

Here’s the fun bit. Anarchism is a political philosophy. It ain’t a party or another government or any threat except and existential one. It’s the idea of no government. No leaders save that which rises from local decisions. Some think it’s the same as communism.


Really? Um. No. Not really, people. That’s why the communists killed the anarchists when they could. The two are not the same.

And don’t get me started on antifa. It’s in the name. Anti-fascist. They don’t exist without fascists so if you want to get rid of anti-fa, dump fascism and they will vanish.

Not that anyone in the government is actually listening. What they really want is a cool Bond villain that they can send some top secret strike force out against to declare victory.

Barring that, they want a catchphrase they can use in case of emergency. “You said NO to that COP? Are you questioning lawful orders? Doesn’t that make you SOME SORT OF ANARCHIST?”

Oh… and apparently black is the new anarchist/antifa wardrobe. Like ninjas except not as stealthy or as cool.

So what’s my take on it all? Honestly?

Anarchists in pop media

Anarchist Demonstration Anarchy  - Clker-Free-Vector-Images / Pixabay

“Violent, foreign aliens who want to burn the Best of All Nations down and piss in the ashes (then die because they won’t know what to do next so they’ll kill each other).”

Anarchists in real life

Girl Coffee Shop Char Coffee Woman  - akarudsan / Pixabay

“You know those guys in charge? They’re assholes. Someone should probably do something about that.”

That’s all I’ve got to say on it. Well… at the moment.

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