For Once, Be Uncivil

Just yesterday someone used this line–“well, we’ll just have to agree to disagree”–when trying very hard to support that because they had covid and were just fine that it was no big deal, people are <shrug> just gonna die, and we should stop whining and get back to work. 😠

I’m not interested in civility; I’m not interested in pleasant conversation. Not when they lead to a “well, we’ll just have to agree to disagree”, leaving lives on the line.

Empathy and connections win, consistently. As do we, as a people, when we work together. We need to work through differences even as we celebrate diversity.

When you use “civility” as a means to maintain the integrity of ‘your cause’, you work against the friction that occurs between people with different experiences. You work against what makes us successful as a people.

Take a breath. Get a grip. Be uncivil!

And find a way to fix the broken things, not just be comfortable.

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