I Messed Up (and the nazis won this round)

I’m reposting this again: Transcript From a Nazi Call Center

Context: I was on a humor group about anti-fa and made a joke about an alt-right meme. Someone weighed in with a horrible incest joke. I, unfortunately, countered with the equivalent of an “embarrassed chuckle” / neutral wtf. Male privilege at its worst. Bad on me. Another person came in and straight up said the joke was offensive.

I went offline for a while and came back to a long thread basically trying to gaslight the hell out of the person who was -fighting- the good fight. And this gaslighting was led by -admins-.

Now, folks already know that the group had some alt-right infiltrators. That’s a given. At the time I was like “admins are in on this?” Since the person doing the fighting quit (or was tossed out), I deleted my comment (and thus the entire thread) and left as well.

Looking back on it, it was a classic 3-on-1 tactic to drive people crazy and I’ve run into this before. Often enough that I covered in a past blog post. So, here I am, after fucking up, posting again to warn people that they can run into this anytime.

Keep safe folks and keep your eyes open.

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