The “Dependent” Conspiracy

This rant courtesy of a post that (in summary went):

OMG! Are they expecting the ‘rona to keep us inside OUR WHOLE LIVES?!? We NEED to get back to work cause otherwise the gov will force us to be dependent on them -forever-)

– Internet rando who represents a dozen folks parroting the same thing.

At this point in time, it’s not a “release us” vs a lifetime of alone. Right now, it’s fighting to give people time to figure out a safe and sane passage out of this. That might be months. It might be a couple of years.

Plagues have happened before, people. There is actual historical precedence about how long it takes before a society can properly adapt.

Do you want to know where the money is supposed to come from to keep you safe? You have LITERALLY been paying taxes for all your life. Some of us for longer than your life. This is EXACTLY what that war chest is for. This is precisely why government exists. To protect you, using -your- money, in this time.

But will people then go back to work? Yes. Time and time again it’s been shown that people will go back to work because people get bored and they want things. There’s this thing happening in Seattle. People taking over a square. They could sit on their asses all day but they’re not.

They’re doing art and educating each other, building infrastructure, keeping things clean. No motivation for it. That’s an example among hundreds. The “people are lazy” motivation came from -slavers- trying to explain why they needed to whip their property. Because “some races are lazier than others”.

Speaking of horribly unfair practices, when you argue “get back to work” this dis-proportionately affects people of color and the poor. They are forced back into jobs that do NOT pay them enough to live and now are ALSO forced to risk their health and the health and lives of their family to serve -you-.

Do you feel comfortable with that? How many black grandmas would you like to kill today? How many kids you want to see without their mamas until you are satisfied?

Tough if you think that’s not fair. That’s the virus. It -isn’t- fair. Take it up with the government that -refuses- to support you to the full extent.

And for that bit about the government making you ‘dependent for the rest of your lives’? Oh, please. Tell me how they are going to be making their money. Please tell me how they are going to get people to make their lattes and their fancy laptops.

You are -capital- to them. You are a resource. The message consistently coming out is that you are -lazy- and should get back to work, while they hide in the White House behind a stockpile of masks and other PPE

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