We’d Like to Thank Our Studio Audience

I’d like to thank everyone for participating in our “memetic virus” study, which examines what virulent strains of group-think 16 are still out in the wild, and which are exhibiting mutations that might point to variant strains.

Symptom List

GT-16, as many know, comes with the following symptoms:

  • Symptom onset can be gradual or abrupt, but it is typically gradual.
  • Fevered speech, especially in the early stages is common and widely recognized as a symptom.
  • Aches, usually a pain in the ass: common
  • Chills, associated with racist dogwhistles: common, though many sufferers of GT-16 automatically deny the dogwhistles. Even uninfected family / friends may deny it or claim the symptom is uncommon or rare. It’s not.
  • Fatigue, weakness, when confronted with white fragility. Very, very common and is one of the defining marks of sufferers of GT-16, regardless of their actual upbringing.
  • Sneezing / Stuffy nose – Sometimes. Potentially confused with seasonal allergies / heavy drinking
  • Sore throat, from screaming at people, constantly. Clinicians often affiliate this with a later stage symptom. It occurs even if GT-16 sufferers group together (they will scream -about- the uninfected).
  • Chest discomfort, cough from “clutching at pearls”. More commonly found among the male demographic. This is typified by the comment–after being confronted over their infection–“why can’t we just have a civil conversation?” This symptom often follows after screaming and fevered speech.
  • Headache. When pointed out that other people have a point of view. Or from holding a paradigm in their head that is incompatible with experience. The infected often ceases communication for a short bout of time after this.
  • Pattern recognition disruption, where the infected may no longer recognize family and friends but correctly identifies infected GT-16 members.
  • Flushed face, due to persistent bouts of irrepressible rage, triggered by standard life crises.
  • Aphasia, consisting of stringing sentences together with no thought as to consequence or logical sequence.
  • Oppositional Defiance-Disorder, especially in reaction to relations with uninfected members of the public.
  • Sexual Mania, often focusing on gender and sex-based topics, verging on obsessive/compulsive disorders
  • Warning: in certain cases, unrestrained violence may also be present. It’s uncertain as if this is a result of GT-16 or a co-factor in infection.

I’d like to point out at this time that there are few cures to GT-16. Humor seems to help. Connection to others outside of your affiliation is even better. Communal gatherings around food can mitigate the progress of the disease. However, clinicians do not recommend this treatment at this time due to covid-19 social distancing.

Education is a co-factor but is solely recognized as a treatment for certain symptoms NOT for GT-16 itself. At this time, clinicians highly recommend reduction to the viral spread by eliminating media sources and infected (recalcitrant) members.

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