Defending the Indefensible

Some things need to be said over and over so that some folks get it through their head.

I have met the people who -directly- say racist things both subtly and unsubtly. There is literally no need for me to imagine it or create a conspiracy. I’ve been in hundreds of conversations where I’m so happy it’s going well until, near the very end, the person drops the mask and says something explictly racist.

From family, friends, strangers, enemies. And I know plenty of people on the receiving side of racism, so unless you think they’re all imagining it too… for generations.

Yes, there is such a thing as bigotry as well. Not the same. I’m saying it here, again. Kissing cousins, let’s say. It has to do with power dynamics.

And here’s a tip: if this topic upsets you, you -could- go with “Sure, this exists, but Bill isn’t talking about -me-” and move on. That’s fine.

The minute you climb on to ‘defend’ the status quo with #notallwhites or the equivalent, you enter into that zone of “Why are they so upset? Are -they- a racist?”

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