Fading Suns: A New Drama…

For gaming friends–more specifically those who played Fading Suns–a couple of folks pestered me to run the new Fading Suns. They were interested in what happened to their characters 20 years after the events of the campaign “Home and Hearth”.

We’re still prepping to play, trying to figure out if we’ll do the characters or their descendants. Or let our kid(s) play, playing those descendants alongside us.

However, thank you #quarantinemadness, I put up a website that, at the moment is pretty much pure nostalgia. It contains:

  • A master timeline of FS (compiled by others),
  • A timeline of both the “Darkside” and “Home and Hearth” campaigns,
  • A link to a twitch video of -current- FS character creation, and
  • About 50 posts consisting of in-character messages, town crier reports and a few GM secrets.

If you want a nostalgia trip, have fun peering through the glass darkly.

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