A Glorious and Ancient Madness

(cribbed from a Jan 11, 2019 facebook post)

Just in case you’re not feeling adventurous, once upon a time, humans found this place that looked like water but was poisonous to drink. It could and definitely would crush any vessel set upon it. It could rage. And, sometimes, it would even rush up onto land biting off pieces of it. Even the animals living on the shore were armored, or thorned, or squishy multi-tentacled aliens. And some could snip a finger right off you, or break your wrist, or flat kill you with venom.

So what did we do? Boiled the poisonous water and used the leftover poison as a condiment. Sailed it anyway and traveled across the world, visiting all the shores. Spent lifetimes learning its mood so we could run for cover or weather it out if it raged. Found out that the animals, cooked or cracked open or dried, were pretty tasty.

That who we are. Some very, very crazy adventurers.

So when you are feeling beaten down or tumbled around today, remember your ancestors. Remember those people, consumed by a glorious madness, who looked out at a landscape that had a dozen or ways to kill them and said, with a wry smile, “I can do this.”

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