A Step Toward Gilead

So, this is a lesson in how to indoctrinate people.

I’ve seen a fair amount of weird things thrown on my various feeds. Time and time again, folks say “the other side” has just swallowed something that is so astonishingly false it seems insane. A pizza parlor that runs an international child slavery ring, a takeover of an American city using a training exercise as a cover, a vegan burger that literally will turn a male into a female.

There are reasons these kind of stories are valuable as a method of propaganda. Here’s why:

Things are thrown out at the edge of believability again and again. Your brain stretches to at least invest in them (even jokingly) because your friends / peers / people you look up to believe in it.

This makes it much easier to believe things like gays are no longer human (they’ve been artificially feminized) and therefore can be killed with impunity as a threat.

See, there’s a slight element of truth in the argument. Take the vegan burger argument. Without even looking at the ingredients, I know that soy is -often- used in veggie burgers. I know that GMO also does some crazy stuff. I know that soy contains artificial female hormones, the less potent version of what trans folks take to transition.

So when someone comes up with “this burger turns you female”, I laugh; they laugh. And then they get serious. They tell you the ‘truth’ I laid out: “the burger doesn’t make you XX, but it does change your masculinity. It’s evil.”

It’s stringing things that are true into a narrative which is -not-. I’m certain once I drop this comment someone will come along with science and ‘disprove’ the paragraph re: soy.

That’s not the point. It’s not a matter of truth; it’s a matter of narrative. Take some little truth, weave it into lies, so that when you form another (some people are less human than others) people will buy it.

DO NOT think these kind of stories are a game.

They are all indoctrination.

Fight it fiercely.

Save these people.

Do not let them take another step towards Gilead.

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