Released: The Sunset Call

To my delight, my collection of dark faery stories, the Sunset Call, is now free to roam the world. And just in time for the Solstice!

Want to order a copy? You can find it on Amazon.

In every fairy tale, there is a cost. Monsters locked up in caves, a door that never should have been opened, a celebration that brings in unexpected guests. Each case serves as a warning.

Listen to your elders, beware of the shadows, don’t ask your mother why she takes your teeth. And pray, pray hard, that the secrets you concealed in the past are buried deep enough that nothing finds them.

Even today, in the cold and logical now, there are hidden terrors that wait until the sunset calls.

Excerpt: “The Meek Shall Inherit” from The Sunset Call

“There was… something…”

I took a breath.

“It came out last. I mean, there was about a hundred of these things, all sizes. But this was big. It was male and it just… was. Those eyes. One like a cat’s. The other a bird. Sunken into its skull. And the horns. It sat down on the throne—the ‘hill’ had shrunk down again while I wasn’t watching. Made this motion.”

Grace steadies me.

“He was screaming, Grace. That kid. He was crying and I couldn’t move. I didn’t move. They brought out… they had…” I have to take in a breath. “One of their kind steps forward. About double the size of the kid. And this thing comes at it with an glass knife and he… he cuts away parts until it’s about the same size as the kid.”

I can’t talk about the blood or how the creature howled as it was cut.

“There’s this mud they put on the wounds… on the body… on the creature, and then they carve on that for a while. When they’re finished…”

“It looked like the kid.” Grace says.

I nod. “And then they get to work on the kid.”

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