A Dream with Teeth

This is me dreaming. This is what happened in that dream.

Part of a convoy, driving an RV, exhausted going about 60 down a highway. Something falls in front of me, obscuring my vision. Yelling at my partner to move it but she’s so asleep she doesn’t wake up. Folks in the back seat are trying to find out what’s wrong. I clear the thing (turns out to be an empty sack) with their help. The traffic is slowing down. Not like a jam. More like a “what the hell?” moment.

There’s a yellow teddy bear on the side of the road in a field.

A teddy bear that’s literally big enough you can drive an RV through it.

It’s identical to one that my daughter dropped a while back (it accidentally fell out of the car & we couldn’t go back to get it). I’m out of the RV looking at this thing (hell, everyone is) and this couple tells us that you can drive through it using the ‘soft tunnel’. Um…

One of the members of the convoy has a mini cooper, so he drives up to entrance of the soft tunnel. There’s grass all the way through, with a strip of red flowers down the center. He gets out of the car, goes up and checks it out. The grass and the red flowers flatten so he can walk down the path. Charmed, he starts down it and then has this terrifying realization… “well, this is the beginning to a horror movie.”

He turns to see the grass starting to come up behind him (and the flowers). Undeterred, he decides to go back to the car (deeper is not always better). The image is that these red flowers? That’s the tongue. This is a throat.

If that’s not bad enough, that’s when It appears.

It’s about human height, dressed in what seems to be a white ‘farmer’s shirt’, some sort of loose fit pants (maybe blue or brown or gray), straw hat. The face is distorted, like…

Imagine a human-shaped oval of a head, except, the lines that cross it are horizontal, gray, unreal and, well, moving independently of each other. There is no attempt at a resolution; it’s not a blank slate either. It is what It is, ‘head’ cocked to one side, shuffling out of sync towards the man.

At this point in the dream, I become lucid and, as the dreamer, take control of the dream. “Hell no. Not happening.”

It is startled and addresses a pointed query at me.

“What the HELL are you?”

That’s… that’s never happened before. It isn’t under my ‘control’. It is not part of the dream.

“I am the Narrator…” hard to get the next words out but I did “—and you’re not doing this.”

“Why not?”

I thought about it for a moment. “If you release him, others will come.”

There was agreement.

And then It ended the dream.

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